Tom F-Santa Rosa

“Charlotte has been great ! She has come to my house 4 days a week since we adopted Ruby in October 2005. She has her hands full with Ruby & Zeus and does a great job. She also looks after Snack (our cat). Charlotte is a true pet lover who goes above and beyond to ensure that my pets are okay. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

Rob M – Santa Rosa, client since 2007

“Charlotte’s people have been taking care of our greyhounds frequently since early 2008. She and her team are very personable, professional, caring towards the dogs, safety-minded, aware of the extra cautions required by the breed, and tolerant of the quirks and crazy schedules of the dog-owners.”

Tommy Tucker, Sally Anne, Barney Google, Oliver Twist, Armani and Antoinette-Sebastopol

“We are so glad that Mom found Charlotte. She comes to visit us and take us for walks so we get some exercise and parade around the neighborhood. Sometimes Mom goes with us, but other times we get Charlotte all to ourselves. We are small, but can make a lot of noise as we are Yorkies, but Charlotte is very careful to keep us safe from other dogs. Sally can get a little feisty and gets excited when she sees other dogs, but with Charlotte’s help we just keep on walking. Mom says, “Charlotte is the best thing since sliced bread,” since now she can go out and not worry about us being lonely, or getting enough fresh air. Shhh…Sometimes Charlotte gives us treats too!”

Nancy K-Santa Rosa (and Chase and Harley…the ‘boys’)

“I say ‘thank you’ everyday to John from the Humane Society of Sonoma County for referring me to Charlotte and Sylvia. This was the first time I was going away from my ‘boys’ (Two sweet pups who I love dearly). The moment I returned I knew in a heartbeat that they had been loved and cared for by Sylvia. They were joyful and SO very happy. Thank you SO very much to Sylvia and her kind caring heart. And to Charlotte…for finding her.”

Jeannie-Santa Rosa, client since 2007

“I highly recommend Charlotte and her associate, Greg, for excellent care and walking of your dog. Greg took special care of our dog, Jade, and gave Jade a wonderful workout each time he walked her. She lost weight and became more energetic after a few months with Greg. Both Charlotte and Greg were very concerned about the well being of our Jade, but also of my aging father’s well being. They are both people of high integrity and compassion. You could not get better care or service anywhere else.”

Julie J. – Santa Rosa

“I loved the fact that when I arrived home from being away for 3 nights, my cats didn’t ignore me! I knew I had found the “purrfect” person to care for them! I know that when I want to take another vacation, my cats will enjoy their time and I won’t have to worry about them! Thank you Charlotte for peace of mind!!!”

Jill J. – Santa Rosa

“I have had Sheri stay at my house several times, once for 3 weeks, with Crebit, my Boston Terrier. I could not be happier with the love and care Sheri gave Crebit including sharing the bed with her at night! Now when Crebit sees Sheri she gets so excited and smothers her with kisses. I have recently added a new member to our home, Eejit, another Boston. I have no qualms in leaving my new pup with Sheri and have planned my next vacation to Europe around Sheri’s availability. It is so nice to know I can enjoy my vacations with the full confidence that Sheri will give my pups the same love and care I do.”

Rosanne D. – Santa Rosa

“Affinity Pet Services RULES!! Diego loves Charlotte and Charlotte loves Diego, what else could a discriminating parent want? Charlotte is trustworthy and dependable.”

Joseph-Santa Rosa, client since 2010

“One of the most important needs that I have as I have relocated to different cities, is finding appropriate dog care. When relocating to Santa Rosa, I found Affinity, and all my needs have been addressed in a professional and caring manner. My Weimeraner, Thor, is a happy dog.”

Greg & Melinda-Healdsburg, client since 2006

“We can go away and know that Affinity Pet Services will be here playing and loving our dogs so when we get home they are content as we are too! We have complete trust in them whether it is a short visit, overnight or extended visit.  They care and love your animals and home as if it was their own!!”