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The Victims of Human Greed and Ignorance

The subject of pet over-population is very close to my heart. Before starting my second career in the pet industry, my “heart work”, I really had no idea how many homeless animals there are in this world and how many die each day.

Are you a pet owner? Do you love your pet? Look into the face of your wonderful pet and know that every day in our county, state, country and world, so many pets, as wonderful as your own darling fur family member, are killed in shelters. These are not all sick or aggressive animals that are euthanized; it’s that same sweet face that greets you each morning, with love and gratitude.  Sure we could put all the blame on the shelters, they need to build more kennels, do better advertising, etc., but in my mind I see the problem coming from various sources; irresponsible ‘back yard’ breeders, ignorant people, unmotivated shelter staff and of course, puppy mills.

There are the people that have a pure breed (or close enough) and want to make money so they breed and sell the puppies. Most of the puppies & kittens are not spayed or neutered and the cycle of breeding continues for generations.

While working at our local animal shelter events I’ve had the pleasure, and displeasure, of talking to many citizens over the years. We are always encouraging our community to utilize our low cost spay/neuter clinics and there are always the people saying “we want to breed Fluffy one time then we’ll get her fixed” or “I want my children to see the birth process”, those statements alone would shoot my blood pressure through the roof, however I would be cordial and offer alternatives that would stop the cycle, I’m not confident anyone ever listened!

Of the dogs and cats in our homes, less than half come from shelters or rescue groups. If we were able to increase the percentage of adopted animals by just one percentage, we could prevent the euthanasia of millions (yes, millions) of healthy and treatable pets in America. It’s a problem that has plagued our country for so many years. If you know a friend or family member that has an unaltered pet, please encourage them to spay/neuter, it really, truly saves lives.

If someone is talking about ‘buying’ a pure breed dog, I honor their desire and offer the following information; for every breed of dog, there is a breed specific rescue group with plenty of GREAT dogs that need homes. Oh yes, and puppies too!

Please adopt – don’t shop.

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  1. Julie

    Well-said, Char! And nice blog page–I’m a ‘newby’ at this blogging thing, but trying to learn…!

    1. Charlotte

      Thanks Julie, we’re all just doing our best for the furries, good luck with your blog as well!

  2. Janet H

    Great Blog Char!! So true, if people adopted instead of purchased their next furry or feathered friend, so many lives would be saved. Not only dogs and cats. Hundreds of parrots are waiting for the perfect person to find them at Mickaboo Bird Rescue and other Exotic Bird Rescues. We have at least a dozen horse rescues in Sonoma County with fabulous horses waiting for their person. I adopted my purebred gorgeous German Shepherd from Countryside Rescue and a perfectly trained TB Mare from her owner who couldn’t keep her. Your blog is a great reminder how our animal friends lives depend on our choices!

    1. Charlotte

      Thank you Janet, for highlighting that it’s not just dogs & cats that are victims but every type pet; small & furries, exotic birds and reptiles as well as farm animals.

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