IMG_0258As we’re coming to the close of summer season, the Affinity Team is deep in pet sitting busyness.  You see, while school is out and most of the country is vacationing with their friends & families, we have the privilege of caring for their furry families and homes.

Even when we have 14 hour days, as Pet Sitters, details are everything to us.  Most pets are completely different and their care is specialized.   We experience some on medications; they have unique behaviors, special diets, and often illnesses.  We make sure we carry our client notes to each home to ensure that their special needs are met and we’re keeping them in the normal routine you have created for them.  We take our work very seriously, with the goal of providing excellent care.

When our clients and their beloved pets are happy, they tell their friends about us. That is why Affinity Pet Services has been growing strong for 10+ years.  Today, we express deep Gratitude to our clients, for your continued business and entrusting us with your pets, homes and your trusted referrals.

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