Buster’s Final Ride

To no fault of the family he was born to, Buster was an extremeley under socialized dog, he didn’t meet other dogs and people as much he should have during the formative puppyhood stage, so when I met Buster he was 2 years old and he was very shy and timid. We started with regular neighborhood walks, after several months I brought my senior cattle dog, who didn’t give Buster any attention, but it was perfect for Buster, he needed her stable, neutral energy with lots of positive experiences, nothing intimidating.

It wasn’t long before we were walking with several dogs and then he graduated to attending our small dog play dates.  He thrived!   (more…)

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Grieving the Loss of a Pet

Ban on stairs

When we lose a beloved animal family member, often times people are left to deal with the enormous loss privately because they do not have people in their lives that understand the level of grief that they are experiencing.

After losing my beloved dog, I felt very confused by the raw, painful emotion I was feeling. I quit my corporate job within weeks and within one year started my pet care business.  No doubt there were angels at work in the midst of the deep heartache.  Since starting Affinity Pet Services in 2004, I have had the honor of caring for hundreds of loved animal companions and sadly, many have passed away.  Through the process, I’ve learned ways to help the grieving family if they desire support. (more…)

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