A Glimpse of Being an Animal Shelter Volunteer

I have always considered myself an ‘animal lover’.  Years ago I remember talking to people that volunteered at local animal shelters and had the common response that so many feel ‘Oh, I could never do that, I’d want to take them all home with me’. While I admired them, it was completely out of my ability to consider. Then one day my beloved dog passed away suddenly and something shifted inside of me, how could I not help the homeless animals? The shelter was in desperate need of volunteers and I had a little time and a lot of love to give. (more…)

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The Journey

Most people look forward to Fridays, they wake up Saturday ready for some R&R, some play or even a weekend getaway.  By Sunday afternoon the heaviness sets in, Monday is weighing heavy on their souls, the dread of another work week, they go back to the grind and look forward to Wednesday, hump day, then it’s only two more days till Friday, another cycle repeats every week.  I used to be that person. A high stress job that I loathed, fluorescent lights, dealing with people that were less than savory, all for the golden paycheck. (more…)

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