The Victims of Human Greed and Ignorance

The subject of pet over-population is very close to my heart. Before starting my second career in the pet industry, my “heart work”, I really had no idea how many homeless animals there are in this world and how many die each day.

Are you a pet owner? Do you love your pet? Look into the face of your wonderful pet and know that every day in our county, state, country and world, so many pets, as wonderful as your own darling fur family member, are killed in shelters. These are not all sick or aggressive animals that are euthanized; it’s that same sweet face that greets you each morning, with love and gratitude.  Sure we could put all the blame on the shelters, they need to build more kennels, do better advertising, etc., but in my mind I see the problem coming from various sources; irresponsible ‘back yard’ breeders, ignorant people, unmotivated shelter staff and of course, puppy mills. (more…)

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